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Ed Bratt-2

We are pleased to inform you that the project repository for this project has been successfully migrated to GItHub

Here are pointers to the migrated resources:

You will find more details about our migration to GitHub at

To continue following this project, please join GitHub by creating an account using this form []. Then browse the the repository link above and click "Watch." If you are new to GitHub, you can read more about how to track progress of this project by reading selections from the "GitHub Guides" []

We are also pleased to join for mailing list and discussion services. It provides many additional features that will help us engage our community more effectively. You can read more about these features from the help page []. To use these groups, you must be a member of the discussion group. Then, you can join any sub-group topics you are interested in. We intend to migrate legacy e-mail archives as well, but this will take some additional time.

Thank you for your prior support and we look forward to your contributions to Java EE.

Ed Bratt, for the the Java EE development team

P.S. We apologize in advance to those of you who are subscribed to multiple Java EE e-mail lists as you may similar notifications for other groups that you also subscribe to.