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bean validation + mvc

Trenton D. Adams
Good day,

Is there a way of getting bean validation to play nicely with the MVC features?  Namely I'd like the bean validation to be passive validation, and let me handle how to display the errors.

Obviously I don't just want an http 400 with an error message, for example.  I would like to return the same page again, with all the errors noted on it.

It doesn't appear, based on the bean validation documentation, that this is possible unless I were to write my own validation for each field.  It seems that Jersey's bean validation support was built around the concept of web services only, where the client will receive an error.  I suppose I could work with that, by making my entire application AJAX based, with errors coming back through the call, but that's not ideal.  

As an example, this works...
public class PassiveValidator
implements ConstraintValidator<PassiveValidate, String>
private HttpServletRequest request;

public void initialize(final PassiveValidate constraintAnnotation)

public boolean isValid(final String value,
final ConstraintValidatorContext context)
request.setAttribute("fail", value == null || "".equals(value.trim()));
return true;
I tried setting...
property(ServerProperties.RESOURCE_VALIDATION_IGNORE_ERRORS, true);
But that doesn't actually do anything, I still get a 400 with no message, when I annotate a field variables with @NotNull(message = "error"), and then don't pass the query parameter in.