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Re: WADL generation without Maven?

Paul Sandoz

Martin Grotzke wrote:

> Hi Keith,
> I think we also should provide also an ant task. There's already an
> existing WadlGeneratorTask [1] (that was my starting point for the maven
> plugin), that would have to provide the interface for configuration like
> the maven-wadl-plugin. This should not be too hard, as it should do
> nearly the same things like the GenerateWadlMojo [2].
> I'm just not shure if this should go into a separate project, into the
> maven-wadl-plugin or if it should stay in jersey.
> Suggestions anyone?

I recommend separating it out.


> If you want to improve the existing WadlGeneratorTask or create a new
> one, you're welcome of course :) My time is very limited these days
> unfortunately, so it would take some time until I could do this.
> Cheers,
> Martin
> [1]
> [2]
> On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 06:54 -0600, Keith R.Davis wrote:
>> Martin,
>> I have been tracking your progress on custom WADL generation.  I wanted to know if there will be support for tools other than Maven?   Can this be done directly from Ant as we do not use Maven?  I might have missed an answer to this in the lists and if so, a pointer would be appreciated.
>> Regardless, this is a very cool addition and will help with generating rich descriptions for service consumers!
>> Keith

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    Paul Sandoz

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