Custom retry handler with Apache HTTP client?

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Custom retry handler with Apache HTTP client?

Short Version:
Is it possible to configure a custom request retry handler when using the ApacheConnectorProvider + PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager?

Long Version:
I'm a bit of a n00b with Jersey.  I'm using Jersey 2.25.1 and I've recently switched from using the default HTTP connection mechanism to the Apache PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager to improve the scaling ability of my automated test framework.

It is generally working, but as I scale, I get the odd 'connect timeout'.  Rather than cranking the timeouts up, I'd like to adjust the way the Apache HTTP client handles retries. 

I believe that the Apache HTTPClient has the ability to accept a custom retry handler, but I don't know how to install the custom handler with Jersey.  I can't find any examples in my many search attempts.

Any guidance is much appreciated!