[ANN] Jersey 2.24 has been released

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[ANN] Jersey 2.24 has been released

Pavel Bucek-2

Jersey team is happy to announce availability of Jersey 2.24.

For an overview of changes, bug fixes and new features, please consult Jersey 2.24 Release Notes: https://jersey.java.net/release-notes/2.24.html
To download Jersey 2.24, please check our download page: https://jersey.java.net/download.html

We also recommend you to check out the refreshed Jersey 2.24 documentation:

We appreciate your feedback - if you have any thoughts or comments, send us an email to Jersey users mailing list [hidden email] or file any discovered bugs & new feature requests in Jersey Jira issue tracker: https://java.net/jira/browse/JERSEY/

May the REST be with you,
Your Jersey Team.